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The KOG Platform is the Middle east’s most widely viewed petroleum Broadcasting. Each day the KOG Platform, Online TV Stream, Website and KOG Social Media deliver the latest Local and International oil and gas news, analysis of issues, Documentaries, and most importantly KOG also distributes statistics on international Oil and Gas markets and activity. The KOG’s Platform is designed to meet the needs of researchers, engineers, management, stakeholders’ explorers, investors and executives throughout the oil and gas industry.

The KOG Platform Discusses with a range from events coverage to editorial concerns, advertising and brand promotion opportunities.

The Other side of Our Services:

Businesses have long recognised the value and impact of using online videos to communicate their message in order to motivate, inform and empower their investors and stakeholders. It is now essential for businesses to communicate their message through engaging medium. People today are choosing to watch video over text on an exponential level.

At KOG Platform, we are focused on delivering online communication tools for companies wishing to engage their stakeholders through the use of live and on-demand videos, making sure your message is tailored to your audience.

We offer a complete range of video production services and work alongside with you when developing the concept through to delivering your videos on time and within budget. Whether it be a results presentation, corporate transaction, company overview or keynote speech, we can guarantee a seamless flow of content from the physical world to the online world.

The KOG Platform, in addition to embedding the content on your website, we work with our partners to make sure your content is seen where investors are looking: Your content is made available on The KOG’s official Website and Social medias.


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